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Ceramic tableware and kitchenware imported from China (Anti-Dumping Duty 2240)

Anti-Dumping Duty is an Import Duty charged in addition to normal Customs Duty and is applied across the whole EU. It is designed to allow the EU to take action against goods that are sold at less than their normal value – that being defined as the price for ‘like goods’ sold in the exporter’s home market.
Confirming the exclusion of certain ceramic tableware and kitchenware products originating in the People’s Republic of China, from anti-dumping measures.
The Commission has advised by Council Regulation No 2017/1932, OJ L273, that the following products will remain excluded from Anti-Dumping Duty:

  • ceramic condiment or spice mills and their grinding parts
  • ceramic coffee mills
  • ceramic knife sharpeners
  • ceramic sharpeners
  • ceramic kitchen tools to be used for cutting, grinding, grating, slicing, scraping and peeling
  • cordierite ceramic pizza-stones of a kind used for baking pizza or bread

The excluded products listed above are classified within commodity codes:
6911 1000 10
6912 0021 19
6912 0021 99
6912 0023 90
6912 0025 90
6912 0029 90
Other ceramic tableware and kitchenware products, which are subject to Anti-Dumping Duty, are classified within the following commodity codes:
6911 1000 90
6912 0021 11
6912 0021 91
6912 0023 10
6912 0025 10
6912 0029 10
The Anti-Dumping Duty paid, since 16 November 2012, on imports of the excluded products, which hasn’t already been recovered, may be reclaimed from the National Duty Repayment Centre on form C285, (supporting documents will be required).
Any claims relating to imports entering into free circulation more than 3 years ago must be submitted within 6 months of this notice.

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