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Christmas 2018 Charity Donations by UKCS

This year, UK Customs Solutions are continuing our tradition of supporting local charities by way of two Christmas donations.
For most of us Christmas is a time where we enjoy a little extra food, drink and time with our families.  But it is also an opportunity to consider those who go without these luxuries, or even miss out on the basic necessities of life.
With this in mind, the charity to which we have donated is Sanctuary Supported Living.  This organisation runs Langley Close, a facility which provides support for young homeless people in Felixstowe.  We asked the team at Langley Close what would be the best gift for their clients at Christmas.  As a result we are happy to have provided funding for a pizza buffet, gift vouchers and of course a traditional Christmas dinner, for those currently in the care of this vital service.  We commend Langley Close for their work in helping those in need to improve the course of their lives and overcome the challenges that far too many are facing.
We have also donated to a cause we have supported throughout the last year.  Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (HME) is a rare and painful condition affecting 1 in 50,000 children, including three children of one of our own team, so this issue remains close to home for us.  For further details please see our previous post by clicking this link or the one below this article.
Please follow the links below for further information and consider adding your support to these worthy causes.
Sanctuary Supported Living
BASIC Life Charity (HME)

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