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We are Brexit ready – the UKCS £14k office expansion

As gruelling and infuriating as it has been, the long Brexit deal negotiations period between the UK and the EU have given us time to prepare ourselves, as best as we can be, for the disruption and chaos that awaits us after 31st December. 

Not only have we been expanding our team by welcoming new, highly-experienced experts – we have also invested around £14000 into the expansion of our office space, so to be able to house the 80+ team members UKCS now has. 

The new wing of our office is now almost ready for our large Customs Freight Simplified Procedure (CFSP) team to move in. We are expecting CFSP to become a much more widely used regime post-Brexit due to the deferring of customs duties and taxes until after the goods have been received. Customs Freight Simplified Procedure is a straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective import process that UKCS are authorised to operate on behalf of, or directly for regular traders in the UK. 

This separate space, specifically dedicated to the now expanded CFSP team will help them to work together more efficiently and handle all parts of the CFSP process for our clients so that their business can carry on running smoothly even during the inevitable post-Brexit turmoil. 


New office space ready for the CFSP team to move in.

As a professional customs broker, we want to serve our clients well, but equally we want them to feel as if we were an extension of their team. For such rapport to be built, we believe our team needs the right training, tools and work environment. With continual training and the £14 000 office expansion, including furniture, wiring and electrics, as well as new computers and hardware, we believe we are making a worthwhile investment that will help us assist our clients better


The UKCS IT team working hard on arranging the telephone and internet wires to enable the staff to install their computers once the furniture was in place

Brexit deal talks are nearing completion and whatever the result, changes are coming. If you would like to speak to a CFSP expert, please contact us today on

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