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Brexit and IT Solutions: One solution does not fit all!

With Brexit fast approaching and the industry worried about the number of customs brokers available to handle the immense load of work, as well as worrying about their own ability to cope with the transition, IT solutions that reduce admin hours, speed up processes and automate tasks are becoming vital. 

However, years of experience have shown us that one solution does not fit all. With so many variables in our industry, different requirements, products and processes, here at UKCS, we think that bespoke IT solutions are the way forward.  

With this in mind, we have put together an IT team that can offer exactly that – a bespoke IT system that fits your particular needs with regards to customs clearance after Brexit. At UKCS we listen to the customer and then work with them to tailor our processes to exactly what they require and if that means developing software, EDI links, reporting tools, logs etc., then that is what we do.  

Our internal IT team and our software development partner, Kwiboo, work together to provide bespoke services to businesses of any size and projects of any scope.  

The UKCS internal IT team has recently expanded and is now made up of four members who with their backgrounds in IT and customs solutions, possess a unique set of skills to provide outstanding services to our clients and ease their worry with regards to customs clearance after Brexit. 

Meet the UKCS IT Team

Ash Taylor, IT Manager

From a very young age, Ash was interested in computers and enjoyed figuring out how things worked. Although IT was his passion, his first job out of high school was in freight forwarding where he learnt how to complete the Customs declarations process, from start to finish. With the changing landscape of the industry, over the years, Ash accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in his profession of a Customs Entry Clerk, as he moved around a few different companies.

He took on more responsibilities as a Team Leader of Imports and Exports at a couple of different companies and showed initiative by combining his vast knowledge of various Windows applications and programming knowledge using the VBA language to streamline various work processes. Ash earned the award of ‘Employee of the Month’ more than once, having reduced the time of some specific jobs from 45 minutes down to 2-3 minutes.

His successes led him to move away from completing customs declarations and instead take a more direct IT role. He became the IT Specialist here at UKCS, providing IT solutions for our clients that surpass their expectations as they’re based on his knowledge of the industry.

We quickly noticed that Ash is not only capable of providing bespoke, industry-geared IT solutions, but he’s also capable of leading a team of IT specialists all working towards the same goal. In 2019, UKCS offered Ash the IT Manager position, where he now manages Guy, Ben and Allen.

Guy Jacobs, IT Support Technician

Guy is local to the area and started his career as an apprentice at an Ipswich based MSP.
Upon completion of his apprenticeship, he was offered a job at the company, working with helpdesk and infrastructure duties. 

After four years of working full time, he felt hungry to learn more and enrolled at the University of Essex to study Computer Networking. This is where he discovered his passion for programming. 

The knowledge he gained through his degree, he can now apply on the team, developing EDI solutions for UKCS clients which will assist them post-Brexit and eliminate any potential human error with data entry, which are costly mistakes for our clients to bear. 

In his spare time, Guy likes to practice martial arts – especially kickboxing. He’s also a keen cook, gamer and gardener, and enjoys long rides on his motorbike.

Ben Boulton, IT Support Technician

Ben comes from Felixstowe and started his career after A-Levels in a completely different field. He initially worked as a support worker for children and young people with autism and learning disabilities. 

Whilst working in this role he embarked on a personal project of building his own PC out of components he bought. He also used his free time to learn IT through online courses. His ambition was to break into the IT industry and he achieved it by securing a job at Flow Energy – a local gas and electricity supplier. He became an IT Support Technician in late 2014 and was part of the 4 members of the IT team who took care of the infrastructure, which included monitoring, maintaining and upgrading the network servers and other critical components of the company. 

After three years at the company, he left to fulfil his dream of travelling the world. His travels took him to South East Asia for 3 months. This was then followed by one year in Australia and one year in New Zealand, where he worked and travelled. April 2020 marks his return to the UK, where he is now applying his skills at our internal IT department, and enhancing our customers’ experience. 

His interests outside of work include cricket, rugby, cooking and gaming. As a lover of football, he is a strong supporter of Ipswich Town.

Allen Jones, IT Support Technician

Allen is the most recent addition to our strong IT team. He was born and bred in East London but moved to Felixstowe ten years ago, where he enjoys family life with his wife and two beautiful daughters. 

Before he discovered his love of working in IT, he worked in different roles including a Graphic Designer and Management Accountant. Working in IT has been his sole focus for over five years now. He has spent this time working in first/second line support, as well as managing process improvements that help to automate user workloads. 

His free time is mainly filled with family life. He admits though, once the kids are in bed, he enjoys unwinding with a movie or playing computer games.

We are ready to develop a solution that fits your needs

Our IT team of four brings in different skills and perspectives that help them tackle the challenges that our industry presents. Their focal point recently has been EDI links, where they’ve done a fantastic job already, finding solutions for our clients. We believe their unique combined skill set puts UKCS ahead of the competition, by giving us the ability to offer a bespoke, and such vital service at this time. If you feel that you deserve your own IT solution then please contact one of the team and we will be happy to see how we can help you!

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