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Where UKCS can complete your UK customs clearances

As leading providers of declarations to uk customs, UKCS have links to airports and seaports around the UK, as well as Dover. These links are required for inventory-linked (phase 2) UK customs clearances, with other, non-inventory (phase 1) locations being cleared through the same links for the area.

The inventory systems used by entry ports around the UK are CCS for airfreight, Destin8 and CNS for ocean freight, and Pentant/Descartes for Dover road arrivals.

UK Customer Solutions have links for inventory clearances in the following locations:

Airfreight UK customs clearance locations

UKCS declare airfreight customs clearances through the CCS system at the following ports and entry processing units (EPUs):


Birmingham Airport – EPU 011

East Midlands Airport (near Castle Donington) – EPU 245

Glasgow Airport – EPU 444

London Heathrow Airport – EPU 120

London Stansted Airport – EPU 121

Manchester Airport – EPU 191 

Prestwick Airport – EPU 443

Seafreight UK customs clearances on CNS

CNS is one of the 2 main inventory systems for ocean freight customs clearances in the UK. UKCS provide clearances in the the following ports, with many areas sharing the same EPU:


Belfast Port – EPU 515

Birmingham Port – EPU 011

London Gateway Port – EPU 155

Manchester Area – EPU 191 (Port of Liverpool extension)

Tilbury Port – EPU 065

Portsmouth Port – EPU 292

Port of Southampton – EPU 290

Tilbury Port – EPU 150

Ocean Freight customs clearances on Destin8

Destin8 is the other main inventory system for clearing goods that arrive into the UK by sea. UKCS provide UK customs clearances in the following areas / EPUs:

Port of Felixstowe – EPU 071

Grangemouth Port – EPU 444

Port of Hull – EPU 191

Port of Immingham – EPU 191

Killingholme Port – EPU 191

Port of Liverpool – EPU 191

Purfleet Port – EPU 150

Port of Rosyth – EPU 444

Teesport – EPU 191

Thamesport – EPU 065

Tilbury Port – EPU 150

Do UKCS provide clearances in other locations?

Many ports in the UK are not inventory linked, where a Unique Consignment Number (UCN) is given to every shipment which arrives and will keep the unit on hold until a clearance is complete. Some of the linked ports named above also have non-inventory terminals, particularly when the main function of that terminal is to process Roll On / Roll Off shipments.

These non-inventory (phase 1) clearances do not require a link to the port in order for a declaration to customs to be completed. 

Examples of some non-inventory ports are as follows:










UK customs clearances for these locations are processed with the port location declared in box 30 (when declaring a C88 in CHIEF).

Are links required for export clearances?

Export customs clearances do not have a UCN so they are completed as phase 1 declarations by the customs clearance agents, who will then forward the Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR) for your shipment to the cargo broker for adding to the manifest. 

Have a question about clearance locations?

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