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How to prepare your EU suppliers for the real Brexit

You are likely aware that import processes will be changing from 1st January, 2022. However, your EU suppliers might not be aware of the new requirements for importing from Europe after Brexit. 

Particularly if they are sending your shipments by road freight, which will require the use of GVMS before departure. 

Here is a guide to send to your EU suppliers so that they are aware of what they need to do, and your shipments have reduced risk of complications.

What are the changes EU suppliers need to be aware of for the real Brexit?

Following a year of reduced import procedures, the real Brexit will see the next phase of restrictions on importing goods. 

The following 2 areas are key for you to beware of as an EU exporter to the U.K.

Additional restrictions on foodstuffs (not only EU suppliers)

Some food products of animal origin will now be banned from import:

Minced banned from EU suppliers
– raw milk from cattle herds with bovine tuberculosis (TB).
– chilled or frozen minced poultry.
– chilled minced meat (beef, mutton, goat, pork, lamb).
– meat that has been mechanically separated from poultry, game or ratite birds. 

– chilled meat preparations.*
– ungraded eggs.

*A meat preparation is fresh meat that has been altered, but still retains the properties of fresh meat. Examples are raw burgers, sausages, seasoned cuts, or breaded chicken.

Check that your shipments to the U.K. do not contain any of these products as they will be rejected at the border. 

All food shipments require pre-notification on IPAFFS

Food shipments require a declaration to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) on the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS) to get a Unique Notification Number. This will go on the customs clearance.

In order for your customer in the U.K. to raise this pre-notification, they will need your authorisation number as an EU supplier. 

Health Certificate number will need to be declared on this pre-notification, so you need to ensure that your customer in the U.K. has this well in advance. 
From January, 2021, copies of all documents must accompany the shipment.
From July, 2022, an original health certificate must accompany the copies of the other documents. The original health certificate will also need to state the UNN from IPAFFS, so this will require drafts to be sent for the pre-notification, before finalising on receiving the UNN.
See this post for more information on port health checks after Brexit.

EU Suppliers and GVMS

All road vehicles will require pre-clearance before boarding the vessel at origin and copies of all clearance documents have to accompany the vehicle. This means that you will need to have open communication with the haulier and the U.K. customs broker.
The Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) is the system that will be facilitating the pre-clearance of goods vehicles into, and out of, the U.K.
The haulier requires copies of all documentation from EU suppliers, the export declaration, and the import declaration. These are uploaded to GVMS to create a single Goods Movement Record (GMR) for every vehicle that is crossing to/from the U.K.
Once the documents are prepared, the goods vehicle must carry copies of all paperwork in a “logistics envelope” in case of inspection by customs. 
This means that you must have the documents prepared before the vehicle leaves.
To ensure efficient communication with all parties, it is best that you send copies of the commercial documents and the export declaration to the U.K. customs agent with the haulier in cc. Then, the U.K agent can send the import paperwork back and you/the haulier will have everything required for the GMR and the logistics envelope. 
Please see our other resource for GVMS for further information. 

Key points for EU suppliers from 1st Jan, 2022

The key points for EU suppliers to note are as follows:
– Check animal products are still legal to import.
– Prepare all documentation in advance and forward to the U.K. immediately for pre-clearance.
– Ensure that all documentation accompanies road vehicles.
– Get into practice of putting the IPAFFS UNN on original health certificates and sending them with the vehicle before July, 2022.
If you or your EU suppliers need further assistance the real Brexit, please contact one of our customs experts for assistance. 

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