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The real Brexit is days away – are you ready?

A stricter phase of Brexit regulations will come into effect in less than a week. This real Brexit rollout removes the safety net that many importers have been taking advantage of in 2021, and requires that all shipments complete customs clearance before arrival into the U.K.

For a complete guide on what to expect with the real Brexit, download our Brexit pack.

Here is an overview of what changes are coming next week:

The real Brexit and foodstuffs

Importing food and drink will be changing with the real Brexit in January. 

The following foods will be banned from importing:

– chilled minced meat (beef, mutton, goat, pork, lamb).
– ungraded eggs.
– meat that has been mechanically separated from poultry, game or ratite birds. 
– chilled meat preparations.*
– raw milk from cattle herds with bovine tuberculosis (TB).
– chilled or frozen minced poultry.

*A meat preparation is fresh meat that has been altered, but still retains the properties of fresh meat. Examples are raw meat patties, meatballs, seasoned cuts, or breaded chicken.

All other shipments of foodstuffs will require a pre-notification on the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS). This declaration will generate a Unique Notification Number (UNN) which needs to be on the import declaration, and will be required on the original health certificate from July 2022.

If your shipment is arriving by container, copies of the health certificate and all commercial documents need to be packed in the container for use by any inspectors. 

All vehicles will require pre-clearance on GVMS

Your goods vehicles entering and leaving the U.K. will now have their import and declarations processed on departure using the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS). 
This means that your vehicles will not be able to leave the country of origin until there is an export and import pre-notification in place for that movement on your hauliers Goods Movement Reference (GMR).
Copies of all documentation relating to the vehicle’s GMR – the commercial documents, CMR, health certificates, and any other supporting papers – also need to accompany your vehicle.

Rules of European preferential origin are changing

From 1st January, 2022, you will require a REX statement on your commercial invoice for any shipments which are over GBP5500/EUR6000 in value. If this is not on your invoice, then full duty will be applied. Avoid this by preparing your EU suppliers now. 

In addition to a REX clause being required, your customs broker will no longer be able to claim for all EU countries under one country of origin. The option to input “EU” as the country of origin will be removed by HMRC, and each COO will be a different line on your delcaration.

EIDR imports will finish with the real Brexit

In 2021, you may have benefited from delayed import declarations. The Entry In the Declarant Records (EIDR) process allows you to register an import against your VAT number to allow clearance, with the full import declaration to be completed within 6 months.

From 1st January, 2022, the EIDR process will not be allowed. The last of your EIDR declarations should be closed off by 30th June, 2022.

We can help you with any outstanding declarations. Get in touch for more information.

UKCS/CSG are with you for the real Brexit

We have been preparing for the new wave of Brexit restrictions, both inside the U.K> and across the EU. Our people are here to look after your business going into 2022.

For a complete guide on what to expect with the real Brexit, download our Brexit pack, or contact us for assistance. 

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