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More Brexit customs clearance changes coming in July 2022

In July 2022, more changes will be made to Brexit customs clearance procedures.

(If you need a recap on all the changes made to Brexit customs clearance in January 2022, download a Brexit pack here.)

This next phase of regulations will focus on the importing of animal health products, building on the port health checks that were introduced in January.

In addition, Safety and Security declarations will also be coming into effect from July.

What are the changes to importing animal products from the EU in July 2022?

Since January, all of your animal product shipments have required a pre-notification to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). This is done separately to your import customs clearance on the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS).

Until July, this pre-notification is the only additional process required for your Brexit customs clearance when importing animal products.

From July, your import documents will need to have the Unique Notification Number (UNN) – that the IPAFFS system generates – displayed on your 
health certificate

An original health certificate must also travel with your shipment from July, along with copies of all the other documents. A photocopy of the health certificate will no longer be accepted if an inspection is required.

Where will goods be inspected?

Shipments of animal products, and other port health controlled goods, will need to enter the UK through a port that has an assigned Border Control Post (BCP). This will be either on the port or local to it.
If your shipment is flagged for inspection, then your consignment needs to be presented to the BCP with all the supporting documentation. For this reason, it is required that an original health certificate, and copies of all paperwork, physically accompany your shipment. 

Changes to other food products

After July, there will also be changes in Brexit customs clearance procedures for dairy, fish, composite, and all other port health controlled products.
These additional checks will follow the same process as animal products, with original health certificates and copies of all other paperwork required to accompany your shipment.
Checks to these other products will be applied as follows:
– Dairy products: from September 2022.
– Fish, composite, and all other port health controlled products: from November 2022.
Currently, IPAFFS pre-notifications are required on all of these.

Do these Brexit customs clearance changes apply to Northern Ireland imports?

Currently, these changes do not apply to shipments that are moving from Northern Ireland to mainland UK.

The Northern Ireland Protocol is still under review between the UK and the EU, with no clear guidance yet available on what changes will be made, or when.

Do you need help on Brexit customs clearance?

The multiple changes made to Brexit customs clearance have impacted supply chains on several occasions. UKCS and CSG are here to help you stay ahead of the next phases.

Providing end-to-end customs clearance services across the UK and EU, we manage both the import and export customs process for you so that you can have local knowledge on both sides, through a single point of contact. Get in touch for more information.

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