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UK Customs Solutions has completed its rebrand into Customs Support!

9 months after UKCS was acquired by the Customs Support group, we [UK Customs Solutions] have completed our rebrand. As of Monday 20th June, we are Customs Support, along with the rest of our colleagues across Europe.

This means that where you would normally find the UKCS royal blue, you will instead see the Customs Support Group logo and colours.

Our social media profiles have also changed, and the LinkedIn page will cease updates. Please follow the main Customs Support LinkedIn to stay updated on our upcoming services.

The official rebrand day was celebrated by our people across the UK, with offices decorated in the Customs Support teal and special cupcakes prepared for the occasion.

Customs Support cupcakes
Gary Harrold Customs Support Group
Managing Director Gary Harrold

"A fantastic celebration of what our people have achieved"

Managing Director Gary Harrold was at Customs Support UK’s headquarters in Felixstowe on the day. He commented on the milestone:

“Everyone across all of our offices has been working really hard during this acquisition period. We’ve been changing our systems, upgrading our services, auditing from top to bottom, and staying ahead of Brexit, all whilst keeping our commitment to our customers to be their customs partner and provide them with an excellent service.

Although we have been working with the rest of the Customs Support network for some time, today is a fantastic celebration of what our people have achieved and it’s great to see them enjoying the day.”

"The team have been amazing"

Marketing Manager for the UK and Ireland Bee Newboult, who joined shortly after the acquisition, also attended the celebrations in Felixstowe.

As the lead for the UK rebrand project, Bee worked with all the offices across the UK, suppliers, and Customs Support headquarters in the Netherlands to get everyone prepared for the official rebrand date.

Commenting on the occasion, Bee said:

Across the company, I’ve seen everyone pull together to achieve so much, in such a short space of time, during this transition period. 

Even though it has been exceptionally busy, the team have been amazing in working together to get everything done, and I am excited to see what we can do now that we can focus on our future developments”

Bee Newboult CSG
Marketing Manager for the UK and Ireland Bee Newboult
Customs Support wall
Road to hassle free customs

Offices across the UK have had the UKCS royal blue removed, and now display Customs Support branding

We are Customs Support team

Who are Customs Support?

Customs Support is the leading independent and neutral provider of customs clearance services across Europe, with over 1000 declarants serving over 10,000 businesses every year.

The CSG headquarters is in The Netherlands, but also service Belgium, Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Poland, and Italy. 

In the UK, CSG now has a network of 8 strategically placed offices, and over 250 customs specialists, ready to provide customers with end-to-end customs clearance services.

Leading the industry in, customs consultation, and digital customs clearance, the CSG network is here to provide you with efficiency, compliance, and a friendly service.

Contact one of our team to find out more about what we can do for you.

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