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Frequently Asked Questions

A EORI is assigned to Importers and Exporters by HMRC and is used to process customs clearance for both Imports & Exports.

Allows UK businesses to declare and recover import VAT on a VAT return. Rather than having to pay it upfront.

A Deferment account is a facility available to utilise in order to pay your customs taxes at time of Import. Full details can be found here    

As a minimum, a commercial invoice and packing list are required for a standard customs declaration.

If documentation is received in advance of shipping UKCS will always pre-enter customs declarations where possible.

There are a range of fees applicable for customs clearance based on multiple variables such as, Customs Clearance, Customs Taxes, and deferment usage fees.

Please contact today for a prompt and competitive quotation.

If you are shipping goods to or from the UK from the EU or the rest of the world, your goods will require customs formalities. Contact our helpful team today for more information.

In most scenarios clearance procedures can be completed within 15 minutes, however if holds are put in place by HMRC or the correct processes are NOT followed it could take hours or even days.

Yes, depending on the food additional procedures may be required contact our team for further help and advice.   

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Gary Harrold

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